Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the spices from?

We have scoured the globe in search of the highest quality, remarkable herbs and spices available, and with confidence, offer you a full line of organic products that are ethically sourced and soundly support our mission to align with your values, passion and purpose to be the best at what we do.

Does gluten free mean, that when gluten is taken out, the gluten is replaced with a higher sugar content and fillers?

With regards to spices that’s not the case. Spices are inherently gluten free so nothing needs to be added or taken out.  We test for gluten for the safety of our gluten free customers.

If spices are already gluten free, then why should I buy spices that are labeled gluten free?

The difference is that the spice has been tested to be sure there is no cross contamination.  Unless spices are produced in a facility that is completely gluten free then the potential for cross contamination exists.  All of our spices have been tested and confirmed to meet the guidelines to be labeled gluten free.  Please note that our dips are conventional and not tested for gluten.

If I'm not gluten free should I buy your spices?

We provide high quality, organic spices that are good for your entire family. Please note that our dips are conventional and not tested for gluten.

Are your spices good for Paleo, AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) and Whole30 lifestyles?

Absolutely,  please consider us for your Paleo Spices and Whole 30 Spice needs.  With the exception of nightshades, our spices are also perfect for AIP.

Why don't you offer more blends?

With the exception of herbs, once you start blending the products you need to use some type of anti-caking agents. While there may be anti-caking agents that are perfectly safe, we want our customers to know that there is nothing in the bottle except spices and herbs.  We feel it’s better to make your own blends at home in small batches so that you can avoid any additives and adjust the flavors to your palate.

Where can I buy the Just A Little Spice products?

You’ll always be able to buy our spices on our website.  Our products are also available on Etsy and we have a few combo packs on Amazon. We also participate in farmer’s markets in Raleigh/Durham, NC area.  We post announcements on our Facebook page about where we’ll be next.

Can I buy in bulk or restaurant sizes?

Absolutely.  Please contact us to discuss your needs. A $100 minimum order will apply.

I live in the area, can I pick up so I don't have to pay for shipping?

Absolutely, we can meet you in the Apex, Cary area to arrange for pick up.

How much is shipping?

Our flat rate shipping charges are listed on our Policies page and range from $1.99 – $6.99.

Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes, please see our Etsy shop to place international orders.

Are your bottles plastic, BPA free?

The bottles are glass and the caps are BPA free plastic.  Bulk and restaurant size packaging are BPA free plastic.

Do I pay taxes?

State of NC residents pay a 2% food tax.  We do not collect tax from anyone outside the state of North Carolina.