Just A Little Spice is committed to providing Certified Organic herbs and spices. Created to fulfill a need for high quality, fresh and gluten free seasonings that you can feel confident feeding your entire family.  Our spices are perfect for those with food sensitivities or following eating plans such as Paleo, Gluten Free and Whole30. For your safety, our spices are tested by a 3rd party for Gluten.

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100% Natural spices


never aluminum, never fillers, never gmo, non gmo spices
no grain, no preservatives, no irradiation, no sugar, no salt

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Just A Little Spice never uses Aluminum, Anti Caking Agents, Fillers, Gluten or GMO’s, Grains, Soy, Preservatives, Irradiation or sugar.  Paleo Spices, Organic Spices, AIP Spices, Whole30 Spices, Non GMO Spices

Just A Little Spice offers the highest quality spice for your entire family. Our spices are always Organic, Kosher, Gluten Free.  We use glass bottles and bpa tops.  Our spices are perfect for Paleo, Whole30, AIP Vegetarian, Sugar Free and Soy Free